Jenni (jenni_goes_grrr) wrote in may2004,

Guess I just need someone who can relate

Has any one elses baby been diagnosed as "special needs"  We just found out Kaylan is hearing impaired.  She has 75% hearing loss in her right ear, and 50% in her left.  She also has negative pressure behind her right ear.  This would make sense, because my husband went deaf in one ear as a young child, but it was fixed - except for the fact that his was caused by chronic ear infections, and my daughter has never had one.  We've started teaching sign language and she will be starting twice a week speech therapy and twice a week group therapy, and is also being enrolled in 1/2 day Montessori Preschool when we get to Jacksonville.   I hate that its like this, but its relieving to know WHY she is speech delayed.
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