Jenni (jenni_goes_grrr) wrote in may2004,

Our First Ambulance Ride!

So.. yeah.. I'm officially Mother of the year.. apparently I shouldn't get all upset about this.. but of course I am.. Theres nothing I could have done to stop it.. but Kay got to take her FIRST AMBULANCE ride today! Yay!!!!  We were watching "The Producers" and she went into the room to get a pillow.. next all i hear is screaming.. ran in there thinking she just was pissed off.. and there is blood.. everywhere.. coming from her mouth.. I pick her up, put her in the bath tub, tim comes in there and i go to call 911... We can't figure out whats bleeding.. if she's dying.. what she cut it on.. just theres blood..

So i call 911.. and what happens

I"M PUT ON HOLD!  WTF?!?!?!?!  That was the longest 30 seconds of my life...

So they sed the Plaza Volunteer Squad.. the same place i just applied to volunteer.. nifty...
They tell us to bring kay to the emergency room, and even offer a ride.. I'd have loved to ride with her.. except for the fact im.. oh.. covered in blood.. And Tim doesn't know where the hospital is.. luckily my clinical site was right next door.. So tim goes w/ her and I bring clothes for her and put on some clean ones for myself.. Luckily no stiches, just some derma bond.. but she wasn't a happy camper gettin gstrapped down to clean it... She was playing on the slide while we waited though.. she's such a trooper... she's soaking in the tub right now.. She's on a Liquid diet.. which has proven to be.. interesting..  

She also apparently has an ear infection, and conjunctitis.. And OH NOEZ bug bites!!  The doc seemed more concerned with the bug bites than anything else.. I was like.. you've got to be kidding me...   but anyways.. Heres the pics.. she has that "Angelina Jolie" look going on..

And no shadiroxan I dont beat her..
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